Veto Services

Strategic Consulting
Creative Direction

"Being tasked with launching a wide concept product in a space and capacity that is new for the industry that it is in, our executive team was having a difficult time developing a marketing and communications strategy that captures the full essence of who we are and what we are truly about.

Veto has been invaluable in guiding us along the process of communicating who we are and what we do - vision, mission, and strategy. Their approach of guiding the process with questions that are challenging and very strategic has helped us sharpen not only our marketing goals but our overall business strategy. Their role of directing our marketing focus actually has an element of business coaching - Veto has shown a gifting for preparing us to answer tough probing questions about our value propositions to both clients and associates. Veto has co-laboured with us to develop a fantastic filter to run all aspects of our business through."

Dan Kyte
Strategic Business Consultant